If you're already familiar with the process of 3D printing and want specific printer instructions, please see the individual printers below.

Also please note, our printers are for society members only and you must receive a (quick) induction from one of the committee members before you can use them. Just drop us an email or come along to one of our sessions if you're interested!

3D printing for the first time can be incredibly simple and straightforward. Our committee and members are happy to help you with the process, but here's an overview:

That's it! Happy printing.

Current Working Printers

Cookies and Cream - Bambu X1 Carbon

Vanilla - Ultimaker 2+

Strawberry - Ultimaker 2+ Extended

Honeycomb - Custom Prusa

Mint Choc Chip - BCN3D Sigmax

Pistachio - Ultimaker 2

Out of Action Printers

Makerbot Replicator 2

RepRap Pro