Cambridge University 3D printing society was founded back at the beginning of 2016 and has been growing ever since.

We have run trips and events in the past, including to the tctshow in 2016 and to Prototype Projects in 2018.

We have also recieved sponsorship from several copanies in the 3D printing industry, including from Magigoo and Stratasys.

Throughout the lockdown, we had regular group calls and loaned out the printers to members to take home, allowing printing and innovating to continue throughout the pandemic.

In Michaelmas 2021, we returned to meeting back in person again! Last year's big project, the high-flow hot-end, was one of our first society projects to centre on the development of 3D printing technology itself and has brought a lot of excitment within the society. We are continuing with this project this year.

This year, with a influx of new members, we are continueing with our high-flow hot-end project from last year, as well as starting some new projects, such as printing some parts for FBR's intake assembly, and working on a bike-handlebar-centring system.