Mint Choc Chip - BCN3D Sigmax

Here is all the information regarding our BCN3D Sigmax R19, named Mint Choc Chip. Mint Choc Chip has the largest build volume out of all our printers and it's most exciting capability is having two extruders! This means it can print in dual colour, print soluble supports or print two copies at the same time. We are in the process of testing and fine tuning this printer. Due to it's unique IDEX system for printing with two printheads, a specific software needs to be used for the slicing called BCN3D Stratos. This is also free to download, and is in fact based off Cura so it should be intuitive to use if you have used Cura in the past. It makes it very simple to select mirror or duplicate modes using a button on the left hand side.

How to print on Mint Choc Chip

In order to use the society printers, you must be a member of the society and have completed the in-person induction to the society printers given by a member of the society. We look forward to meeting you!

Here is an overview of the steps required to print:

Step 1: Dowload BCN3D Stratos here.

Step 2: When prompted to add a printer, select "Sigmax R19" from the non-networked printers drop down menu. Name it what you like, but we suggest "Mint Choc Chip".

Step 3: Import your 3D design into the software in the .3mf format. The .stl format is still compatible so can also be used too. However, the .3mf format is so much cooler! (see here for why)

Step 4: Alter your settings to match your specific requirements (strength, printing time, filament usage, resolution of detail).

Step 5: Slice your model and save the generated .gcode file onto an SD card.

Step 6: Insert the SD card into the printer, turn it on (the switch is unfortunately on the left side of the machine), make sure the correct filament is inserted, select your file on the touchscreen and finally press print! It is a good idea to hang around while the first layer prints, as this is where most failures occur but otherwise you can let it do its thing!

Official BCN3D Support Page

Key Specifications

Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm

Recommended filament: PLA

Recommended layer height: 0.2 mm

Build volume: 420x297x210 mm