A snapshot of the spicy tower project

A creation currently in the Engineering Library

A flat-printed Lunar Lander

A flat-printed rocket

A lithoplane lampshade

300 fascinated freshers in 2018

The team discussing plans for the Prosthetic hand project in 2016

Preben introduces Cambridge freshers to the CU3D design project for a flexible prosthetic hand - November 2016

James giving a talk to the incoming engineering freshers about CU3D and 3D printing - October 2016

Paul is standing next to the new MK2 #prusa, the latest model of Prusa Research's popular consumer printer. This particular version is upgraded to support up to four materials in a single print. From #tctshow - October 2016

James checking out the latest 3D modeling tech from #dassaultsystemes at the #tctshow earlier today. This shows a visualisation of a component undergoing a stress test. - Spetember 2016

The retiring 2022-2023 committee at last year's AGM