The 2023-2024 Committee

Will Gibbens - President

Hi, I’m Will, the president of CU3D. I enjoy everything related to 3D printing and CAD design. I’m currently a second year at St John’s and looking to specialise next year in electronics. As the president, I am your go-to person for any queries about the society.

I first got into 3D printing with a Creality Ender 3 at home back in 2019 and have learnt a lot by modifying and improving it. I am excited to continue expanding my knowledge through access to the society’s printers and department know-how!

I am currently lead for the high-flow hot end project, and have been working on developing the test-rig to consistently and reliably test different designs.

Talha Javed - Vice President

Hello, I’m Talha, Vice-President of CU3D. I am a 2nd year Engineer from King’s. I’ve done quite a bit of CAD and want to finally make some of it come to life. 

I only started considering 3D printing once I entered here, but I want to take it further and make some interesting ideas which pop up in my mind from time to time. 

Ioan Webber - Secretary

Hey! I'm Ioan, a third year engineer at Trinity hall and the new Secretary. This is my third year with CU3D, and in that time it's been able to learn so much about 3D printing and developing my design and making skills!

Alex Oldham - Treasurer

Hi, I'm Alex, a second year engineer at John's. I am quite new to CU3D but really enjoying learning more. I'm currently trying to build some parts for my bike and am looking to get involved the group projects.

Ashutosh Khatri - Print Manager

Jonah Vanke - "James"

Hi, I'm Jonah, a third-year undergraduate at Sidney Sussex College from Roanoke, Virginia in the USA - it's my first year with CU3D and I'm eager to get involved with any project ideas you may have. I got interested in 3D printing after building my own printer in my sophomore year of high school (Year 10) and have been obsessed with it since then. I'd be more than happy to share my experience modifying gcode, generating STLs from scratch, and modeling parts designed for 3D printing - please do get in touch!

The 2022-2023 Committee

Jonah Vanke - President

Ioan Webber - Vice President

Matthew Hendricks - Secretary

Henry Wall - Treasurer

Will Gibbens - Print Manager

"James" - Peadar Byrne

The 2021-2022 Committee

Peadar Byrne - President

Finn Sutcliffe - Vice President

Ryan Yu - Secretary

Tim Butterfield - Treasurer

Louis Relandeau - "James"

The 2020-2021 Committee

Louis Relandeau - President

Peadar Byrne - Vice President

Tim Butterfield  - Secretary

Ben Yass - "James"