The 2024-2025 Committee

President - Saksham Aggarwal

Hi, I’m Saksham, the president of CU3D. I enjoy everything related to 3D printing and CAD design. I’m currently a first year at Pembroke. As the president, I am your go-to person for any queries about the society.

I never thought I would enjoy 3D printing this much: who doesn’t like troubleshooting random errors? But ever since joining these small irritants no longer seem to matter. I have 3D printed the most random things: a doorstop, a model monkey, chess pieces | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Vice President - Louis Pender

Hi, I'm Louis, a 3rd-year engineer specialising in aerospace. I have experience in CAD design and 3D printing from using my printer at home and have learnt to use some 3D printers around the department. I hope to inspire others to make use of the resources available in the Dyson Centre.

Secretary - Juan Francisco Lorusso

I'm Juan, a second-year engineer. I'm thrilled to be involved in the CU3D as a secretary. It was exciting when I learned about printing skills as well as making things happen!

Treasurer - Alex Oldham

Hi, I'm Alex, a third year engineer at John's. I am really enjoying learning more. I'm currently trying to build some parts for my bike and am looking to get involved the group projects.

"James" - Will Gibbens

Hi, I’m Will, the previous president of CU3D. I enjoy everything related to 3D printing and CAD design. I’m currently a third year studying mechanical engineering at St John’s.

I first got into 3D printing with a Creality Ender 3 at home back in 2019 and have learnt a lot by modifying and improving it. I am excited to continue expanding my knowledge through access to the society’s printers and department know-how!

I am currently lead for the Whippet coaches project, and have been working on improving the usability of our designs.

Do reach out if you're new to 3D printing and looking for some advice!

The 2023-2024 Committee

President - Will Gibbens

Vice President - Talha Javed

Secretary - Ioan Webber

Treasurer - Alex Oldham

Print Manager - Askutosh Khatri

"James" - Jonah Vannke

The 2022-2023 Committee

President - Jonah Vanke

Vice President - Ioan Webber

Secretary - Matthew Hendricks

Treasurer - Henry Wall

Print Manager - Will Gibbens

"James" - Peadar Byrne

The 2021 Committee

President - Peadar Byrne

Vice President - Finn Sutcliffe

Secretary - Ryan Yu

Treasurer - Tim Butterfield

"James" - Louis Relandeau

The 2020 Committee

President - Louis Relandeau

Vice President - Peadar Byrne

Secretary - Tim Butterfield

Treasurer - Max Williamson

"James" - Ben Yass

The 2019 Committee

President - Ben Yass

Vice President - Iestyn Halford

Secretary - Roy Navid

Treasurer - Max Williamson