Cambridge Chesmistry Race

Lent 2024 has been an exciting term for CU3D so far. A paricular focus has been the Cambridge Chemistry Race trophies, where we were contacted by the Cambridge Chemistry Race team to see if we could 3D print the trophies for this year's competition.

The Chemistry Race is a group competition for sixth form students across the country to compete and put their chemistry knowledge to the test - it's fast paced, fun and exciting. You can find out more about the competition here:

In the past, the trophies have been 3D printed by a company in Austria, at notable expense to the Chemistry Race team. The designs have also been simplistic and functional. While this has worked well for years, the Chemistry Race team reached out to us to see if we could do better.

We kept the original design for the second and third place trophies, but decided to come up with a much cooler and more impressive first place design in a more typical trophy shape, with the Chemistry Race logo embossed on the side and projected up through the top using super-bright LEDs. This turned out to be a massive success and everyone enjoyed the events.

This shows the projection on to the ceiling (in a bright room)

Here you can see the orgnic support structures during printing