Remote Connectivity

This project was initiated by Will. Here is the google drive folder for this project (member access requied):

This project is all about improving the 3D printing experience as a member of the society. The current system is to use Cura to slice your .stl or solidworks file and generate a .gcode file, which is then loaded onto an SD card and plugged into the printer. This system is reliable and relatively easy to understand, but inconvenient, especially if, like me, your laptop only has usb-c ports!

On my printer at home, I have connected a Raspberry Pi and installed Octopi, which Is a very easy to use and convenient system for remote connectivity to a single printer. One option is to add Octopi to the society printers as well, but it is not very convenient for connecting to multiple printers. A potential alternative option is to use 3D printer OS, which has built in capabilities for slicing, handing multiple printers and users, and remote monitering, meaning that the process will be highly simplified for newcomers, and it will be a lot easier to keep track of filament usage, as well as cancelling prints if a fault is detected.