Heath Robinson Marble Run

Welcome to our page for the Heath Robinson marble run project. Here is a link to our github repository containing the source code: https://github.com/cu3dsoc/Heath-Robinson

Our headline project for the 2017 – 18 year was a project in conjunction with the Heath Robinson Museum, to design and manufacture an interactive display contraption to stand in their recently refurbished museum. The display is inspired by the works of the artist Heath Robinson, and demonstrates a range of engineering principles, using 3D printing as a medium. Last year, the project was proposed and run by then-Vice-President, Ciara Norris; and we are delighted to say that it is nearly complete – with the outer case built, the top section of the contraption in the process of being manufactured and the lower section of the contraption soon to have its design finalised.

This project has enabled members of the society to gain a thorough grounding in the use of SolidWorks to produce CAD models for 3D printing, as well as an awareness of how to design such models to take advantage of the unique geometries permitted by 3D printing technology. Besides 3D printed structures, the finished design also features a structural aluminium case, winding mechanism, and electronics, giving students experience of a working in and managing a multidisciplinary team.

Furthermore, as the display will stand for a reasonably long time in the museum, all the work so far – and to be completed – by the team will leave a lasting piece of engineering outreach that will keep serving its purpose well into the future, helped by the fact that the concepts we have built on blends elements of artwork with simple mechanical concepts that people of a wide range of ages and backgrounds will enjoy engaging with.