Prusa Upgrades Project

Here is a link to the project folder (member access required):

The Prusa project began in late 2019 and was finished in 2021. The primary goal of this project was to provide a learning experience and gain a better understanding of how an FDM 3D printer works. The project started with an old broken Prusa 3D printer and the task was to take it to a fully operational 3D printer again and optimise it for a unique role of printing with large nozzle sizes. This would allow us to print bigger parts almost an order of magnitude quicker. The challenges were to mechanically improve the motion system, replace the hotend with a new high flow version, design a new extruder mount, choose new part cooling fans and optimise their ducts, upgrade the electronics and create our own custom firmware. The team of three for this project gained a large amount of new experiences and are now comfortable working on any part of an FDM 3D printer. This has allowed us to improve all our 3D printers as our new understanding of them has allowed us to optimise their slicer profiles and keep them in bettern mechanical condition by checking the axes are lubricated and the belt tension is just right.