Recycling Filament Project

Link to the project drive (memeber access required):

This project was initiated in 2019 thanks to several new students joining the society. Back then, 4 students were involved in the project. It was then halted during COVID as we didn’t have access to the facilities. We are hoping to pick it up again; at the moment there are two members involved. 

The aim is to recycle all the scrap material generated by supports, prototypes and failed prints into new spools of filament, which would be both an environmental and financial gain. It also provides a learning experience in a range of mechatronics areas for students involved. Filament recycling is a very new concept and the few machines available on the market are quite expensive: prices range from £1,500 to £10,000. We are attempting to build a low cost prototype.

So far, the mechanical assembly has been completed; we have bought parts and made custom components (including for example: material funnel, brass nozzle).